Day 77 Skykomish, WA to Snohomish, WA 42.2 miles Total 3798.3 mi July 25

Leaving Skykomish early at 6:00am we had the sun coming up behind us, but we were still in the mountains enough to have plenty of shadow.  Still snow in them thar hills.


This route was level enough to keep me happy and at ease driving, but there were enough bridges and tunnels and curves with no shoulder to keep Steve on edge.  (Did you see what I did there?)

Steve got a better view, but his phone had condensation from the morning chill.

I was greeted in Snohomish by hot air balloons, and a pair of crows.  

On either fence post.  They swooped in and landed at the same time and watched me.

Steve was finished his ride by 9:30.  No wind.  Nice temps.  We had a delicious breakfast at Jake's Cafe.

Way early, we visited a park and then a coffee shop until we could get into our room at The Inn at Snohomish.  This is a busy and fast-paced little town.  It seems strange to be in towns again, after all the space of the mountains and prairies.

We ate dinner at Trails End Taphouse.  Thought it was fitting for our last night on the trail.


  1. Steve and Allane: a mighty effort. We'll miss your posts and pics but will be glad to have you safe and sound.


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