Day 14/15 - Lyons to Brockport, NY - Tot: 625.1 mi


Allane and Steve with the morning his before heading out on his first solo day.


After Steve rode away, Mary and John packed up their camper while Allane packed the camping gear into the truck.  Breakfast awaited at a diner a short ride to the north.  We said our farewells, Mary and John heading for Niagara Falls and Longport.  I drove until I reached the shore of Lake Ontario and the turned west again.  I finally saw the scenery I had been expecting:  orchards as far as the eye could see, vineyards dotting the hillsides.  All the signs for local wineries were tempting, but Sunday morning was an inopportune time, unfortunately. 

Lake Ontario


  I left NorWin Campground with every intent to hit the Erie Canal Bike Trail. The proprietors of the campground said, "Oh, it's so easy to find the trailhead." Should have been a tip-off. Well, after stumbling around the small town of Lyons just south of the campground I finally found a way onto the trail. The ride turned out to be a beaut! The surface was smooth and riding along the waterway was pleasant and relaxing. At some point I came upon Lock #30 in Macedon. There were people talking and someone actually looked like he was working the lock. It was something I had to check out. 

I met Tom Martin, Lock Operator and musician, who seemed to be just where he was meant to be. He had been an operator for over 15 years and he loved his job. There were two kayakers in the middle of the lock awaiting Tom to level out the water so they could pass from one side to the other. It's apparently a fairly frequent act during the summer to have boats, kayakers, and small barges pass through the series of locks along the Erie canal.

I got to see the entire operation. Quite a sight! I couldn't help but think this was much like it must have been well over a hundred years ago.

Kayakers in the middle waters of the lock.

Releasing water from the middle area.

Waters lowered and kayakers readying to paddle out.

Tom Martin, one happy and fine lock operator!

I continued on along the canal to Fairport, only to find a local canoeing regatta underway. The families were lined along the canal in lawn chairs cheering their favorite boat along. It was a big day for the teams. Mostly youth teams, but all decked out in matching jerseys with a coxswain yelling "Stroke, Stoke", or whatever good coxswains yea at the crew. A lot of fun!

A team of boys stoking down the Canal.

Steve and I met up for lunch. Catching Steve was important, in order to hand over his sunglasses. We met up in Pittsford, a lovely town right on the canal.  Lots of people, little parking, a couple restaurants with long waits for a table.  By some miracle of happenstance, the parking spot I found was right in front of a fabulous stitchery shop called Hobby House Needleworks.  Needless to say, when Steve arrived I was happily browsing. Not wanting to wait for a restaurant we decided on a simpler lunch...Gelato it is!

We left happier for having had time together and a little gelato goes a long way on a hot day. I rode through Rochester, Greece, and Spencerport along a very quiet and peaceful trail. This would be last day on the Canal Bike Trail. I've been impressed. I'll be somewhat sad to see it go, it has been fascinating!

Trail sign along the canal.

I cruised into Brockport, a small college town with a lot of personality. The downtown is tree-lined with shops and restaurants and such along Main Street. Very inviting.  

Maine Street in Brockport. Notice the bike path on the street.

We enjoyed a needed Down Day on May 24th. Time to do some laundry, catch up on the blog and get a bit of rest. Aah..


  1. Sounds as though everything is going smoothly!

  2. What a great trip and story Steve & Allane! I would never have guessed they would operate a lock for a pair of kayaks! I'm glad the remainder of the canal trail worked out well. We too are still in New York. Visited my cousin in Lockport, Niagra Falls, the Curtis air museum in Hammondsport and camped at a great Harvest Host along Lake Seneca last night.


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