Day 18/19 - Westfield, NY to Conneaut, OH - 828.7 mi

 We are making progress. Riding along Lake Erie has been nice. It's rural country sprinkled with vineyards, vacation camps and quaint, small towns. The roads are generally flat with rolling hills overlooking the massive lake.  

Today was bound to be notable if only because I would be riding through two state borders. I had to reflect that I was finally leaving the grand state of New York. New York is big in so many ways. But I must admit I now have a whole new appreciation for the size of the Empire State. I have cycled 469 miles in the state of New York. To put it in perspective, my ride in New York will make up more than 10% of my entire ride across country. And I'm through it feeling healthy and good!

I passed the border between New York and Pennsylvania in the small, unspectacular town of Ripley, New York. Yea!

One happy camper!

The border was a nice stop for Allane.  As she waited for me, she parked in the lot of a golf course.  There was a beautiful little pond and an unusual array of birdhouses that were chirping with activity.

I would like to have more to say about Pennsylvania along the coast of Lake Erie, but it was over almost before I really got into the groove. 

The span along the coast of the lake is less than 50 miles. It is here that I cycled past the acres and acres of vineyards. As it turns out, much of these grapes are used in grape juice, not wine. However, there are wineries every now and then. 

The focal point along this route in PA is the city of Erie. Allane met me for brunch and a rest.  We stopped at a diner in the western part of the city to reconnect for the midday and catch a bite. Allane thought the frog outside the diner would make a good photo. I'm not sure I know why...

Erie, PA

The ride into Ohio was a lot of the same; vineyards, rolling hills, and lovely views of Lake Erie. Our stop for the evening was less than 10 miles across the Pennsylvania-Ohio border in the quaint little tourist town of Conneaut. 

This will probably be the only time on the ride I'll cross two borders in one day!

We arrived in the Lake Front Motel in mid-afternoon. Another successful day of cycling! 
Allane walked the beach of Lake Erie for 2 hours and came home with a pocketful of beach glass, including a few pieces that are so dark purple that they look black.  Other searchers called her attention to it, saying not to miss it by assuming it was rock.

She also got a scolding from Mother Canada Goose.

The weather forecast for Friday, May 28th, was not good. I was already getting warning of gale force winds and heavy rain. We decided to to take an unscheduled down day. Thankfully, the proprietor of the motel was able to take us in. She also allowed us to use the motel's washer and dryer. Turning out to be a smart decision!

A view from outside our room during the storm. Glad I'm not riding today!

Allane took a drive around to view some local covered bridges.  After driving west along the lake and being diverted twice for trees down and a house fire, she came back for shelter!


  1. Colonel. Allane. I am enjoying your blog, following you across country vicariously. Thanks for taking the time to post your journal and pictures. Ride on.


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